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Welcome to Prohost

ProHost is a high-quality professional hosting service provider for government agencies, Companies and individuals, including web hosting, e-mail hosting, hosting applications, hosting systems and games. we do have a fleet of secure servers and networks in Saudi Arabia, USA, Netherlands and Malaysia, serving more than 65,000 customers from 29 countries. .

Our Services

Your first destination to look for a professional reliable hosting service َََ
Web Hosting
Launch your website with stability and growth, Uptime100% operation with complete security and 24/7 technical support َََ More
Mobile applications
Hosting professional mobile applications up to 1 billion visitors at the moment with full privacy and 100% secure operating in 4 data centers َََ More
Government agencies
Government Web Hosting with ultimate security and high speed in Saudi Arabia with unlimited support َََ More
Your business growth in e-commerce needs to be professionally hosted by ProHost for unlimited benefits َََ More
Email Hosting
One of the most important means of communication in the companies and government agencies and e-commerce, hosting the e-mail from Pro Host with unique features َََ More
Special Services
Distinguish ProHost with a dedicated service that enables you to fully manage your business َََ More


ProHost provides a free backup service with its services with specialized solutions for the backup of the intraday and periodic to ensure the preservation and recovery of your data at any time More

Technical support

Powered by 24/7/365 with ProHost with four different ways to connect with us and ask for help through technical support tickets, email, instant chat or a unified phone. We provide various explanations to solve your problems through the ProHost Blog to be able to Solve problems or combinations yourself More

Operating systems

Pro Host provides all the different operating systems and all the tools and software needed to run any site, application or system View products

Windows Hosting

ASP and .NET hosting and various SQL, MySQL and SharePoint databases

Linux Hosting

Professional hosting of all PHP software such as WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, Prestashop and special software

Debian Hosting

Debian Hosting from ProHost for applications, games and software systems based on Debian operating system

Control Panel

ProHost supports the Cpanel software control panel for Linux servers, Parallels Plesk for Windows and Direct Admin

Web Hosting

Comprehensive and integrated web hosting solutions on ProWhost-owned servers inside and outside Saudi Arabia

Shared Hosting

Huge servers for hosting small and medium sized websites with unlimited spaces and lots of features More

Reseller Hosting

Add your websites to one hosting account More

Virtual Private Servers

Start with the stability and rapid growth for your website with the virtual servers of both technology More

Dedicated Servers

Over 3091 private servers are owned by ma3n in 4 data centers around the world and a wide variety of ultra-powerful processors More

Cloud Hosting

Host your website or mobile apps with monthly payment More

Cloud Servers

Use more resources at your request with exceptional services and multiple systems More

Email Hosting

Your email is with you wherever you go, with special features and competitive prices More

Hosting Games

Real speeds and low ringing no more than 3 ping, and complete privacy with your friends More


Your website address is the domain, which is the foundation for creating any website, email, or phone app. Identify your site by choosing a short domain that relates to your company name

Saudi domain names

The world’s most powerful domains and the most trusted search engines and customers with unlimited validity and soft requirements for companies and individuals

Global Domains

Get world-wide .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, and a lot of global and Arabic domains are offered by technology at competitive prices

Custom domains

Global domain registries that specialize in different professions, activities, and fields such as .SOP, .NEWS, .CLINIC, .DESGIN, etc


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