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ProHost business email hosting gives you multiple layers of protection to ensure smooth email communication. The service is designed for reliability and security. We protect your email box from hackers and attempts to steal personal information and sensitive communication.


Communication is key for every business. Do not make a mistake and risk losing communication with partners and potential customers. Get a piece of mind with a business email hosting solution..

You will never have to worry again why email is not working or if the messages you send reach the recipient..



Email Hosting Plans

ProHost offers unique e-mail hosting plans for small, medium and large businesses at premium prices including web hosting


Email Hosting

Monthly price


1 – 10 accounts


11 – 25 accounts


26 – 50 accounts


51 – 100 accounts


101 – 250 accounts


251 – 500 accounts


501 – 1000 accounts




Email hosting Features

At ProHost we support you in developing your business and communicating with your customers with e-mail hosting service, moving your correspondence from fear to trust and ensuring access and speed



Avoid Losing Important Communication

At ProHost A business email hosting plan is required for companies due to its reliability. Communication is key and no one wants to risk losing an important email. Free email services may result in losing an important email and that may be your biggest new customer.



Smooth Communication

Communicate easily with your clients. Scala Hosting professional email hosting service includes several features allowing a smooth and quick communication with your clients and business partners.



Web-based Email

If you need to access your email account from another device securely you can do so using the web-based email application that comes for free with every business email hosting plan.



Access from Anywhere

As an email hosting provider we make sure you can access your email account from any device all over the world. You can use POP3 or IMAP to fetch your email messages 24/7. We support iPhone, Android (all vendors), Windows mobile, Blackberry, Windows phone, Nokia, email clients on Windows/Linux/MacOS. messaging and use in general.



Secure Communication

Each email hosting plan comes with a free shared SSL certificate you can use to connect to your mail server and send/receive email messages in encrypted way for maximum security.



Easy to Use Control Panel

You will get a user-friendly control panel to manage your business email hosting account. It allows you to add/remove emails, change their quotas, passwords, configure Email forwarding and auto-responders.


Our plans less whether you need?

If the above plans do not meet your specific requirements and you seek to host email accounts for your company, we have large-scale plans designed for government agencies and major corporations, with many companies and government agencies in Saudi Arabia and beyond already benefiting from them.

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  • We provide accounts on the platform
  • User Accounts
  • Accounts by domain or number of domains
  • SMTP Outgoing Mail Server
  • Incoming mail server POP3 / IMAP
  • The IP addresses can be provided with a certificate

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