VPS Shared Servers

Pro Host VPS Hosting are powered by the common used software KVM provides better performance, scalability, density, dynamic resource management, and ease of administration than the alternatives. Our Linux offshore VPS plans can be the heart of your e-business. Take advantage of our state-of-the-art servers, fully redundant fiber network, and our team of linux specialists. Flexible Terms * No setup fee, No contracts * Upgrade, downgrade any time * Billing is strictly per month, cancel any time
KVM offers enterprise grade full virtualization. Every KVM VPS runs on its own dedicated kernel and file system. Hence it is not affected by another abusive VPS on the same hardware. Since it runs on its own dedicated resources, a KVM VPS offers high uptime and performance .

VPS Plans

VPS virtual server plans are well thought out. We know that virtual servers should not exceed the plans described below
Plan One

120 SAR | Monthly

  • 2CPU
  • Space 50G
  • Ram 1G
  • Ips 1
  • Uplink 1024
  • cpanel license
  • Free SSL
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Plan two

200 SAR | Monthly

  • 3CPU
  • Space 100G
  • Ram 2G
  • Ips 1
  • Uplink 1024
  • cpanel license
  • Free SSL
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Plan three

290 SAR | Monthly

  • 4CPU
  • Space 200G
  • Ram 3G
  • Ips 2
  • Uplink 1024
  • cpanel license
  • Free SSL
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Plan four

350 SAR | Monthly

  • 4CPU
  • Space 200G
  • Ram 4G
  • Ips 2
  • Uplink 1024
  • cpanel license
  • Free SSL
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Features of VPS

Dual Xeon E5 DELL Servers, SSD, SAS Ultra Speed, DDR4 RAM and many other features
Features of VPS
  • You will get your server in minutes‬
  • Servers located in the best datacenters
  • Specs that suit your needs at the best cost
  • Lots of services offered free
  • No hidden fees or additional costs
Our servers are operated on SSD hard drives which offer great speed with regards to executing queries and moving between databases. Our servers also work on strong Intel processors that support Hyper Threading which are connected to a stable network
  • Processor : Dual Xeon E5
  • Harddisk: SAS , SSD
  • Ram: DDR4
  • RAID Control
Technical Details
  • Operating System : CentOS Linux
  • control panel for root: WHM
  • control panel for users: VPS Cpanel
  • Webservice : Apache
  • Firewall
  • Root Full Access
  • private Dns
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited E-mail
  • Unlimited FTP
  • Unlimited Mysql
With any of the default server plans you get free management
  • Website transfer, complete configuration and installation, in addition to, checking and ensuring that the data has been transferred correctly.
  • Ensuring scripts computability with security system
  • Complete reinstallation and configuration of the operating system.
  • Installing, configuring and improving the performance of: Apache, PHP, MySQL, FTP and Mail Server.
  • Installing cache systems for better browsing.
  • Activating secure access to control panels and file managers (Mail, FTP, cPanel).
  • Instant server programs updates and setting them up to be automatically updated.
  • Providing immediate updates and patching for security vulnerabilities and ensuring they are fully fixed.


The features and features of our virtual servers have not yet expired, see below as well
High speeds
Communication lines starting at 1024 Mbps and a secure and fully secure communication network with 100% guarantee of connection stability َََ
Maximum protection
In order to get a premium service, we offer you free protection to ensure stability and peace of mind َََ
Free management
And to build quickly and confidently, we support you for free and provide you with free management to manage your business َََ
Full control
You can manage your own server with full access and control, and you should do so if you are not familiar with the control panel َََ
100% stability
100% ProHost guarantee on stability, operation and uptime َََ
SSL free
A necessary service for all sites and servers to ensure complete security and prevent spyware, and provide it for free َََ

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