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Secure your cyberspace secure your digital life

Not just in Saudi Arabia, but all over the world, our SSL solution is regarded as offering the best protection for online identities. Prohost has concepts for Privileged Access Management that have been demonstrated, and we have the awards to show it. Regardless of the goods, services, or sectors your company operates in, we can provide seamless data security

No matter where you go. Be security smart.


Cyberattack targets computer systems with malicious intent, causing potential damage and breaches.

Network segmentation

Network segmentation enhances security by dividing networks into isolated segments for protection.

Security monitor

Security monitor provides constant surveillance to safeguard against potential threats and breaches.

Operational support

Operational support ensures efficient workflows and enhances organizational productivity and effectiveness.

Data privacy is a human right and it belongs to you.

Simple and intuitive

Proactively identify potential cyberattacks, then thwart them.


Hardening of network infrastructure
Network segmentation
Network isolation
User authentication and authorization
Network / security monitoring
Security augmentation
Operational support
Vulnerability remediation

Our Client Feedback

ProHost offers a comprehensive collection of operating systems and a full suite of tools and software required to operate any website, application, or system efficiently.

"I've been looking for a reliable and good hosting solution. I love server, it allows unlimited websites and has dedicated resources, all my sites load super fast."

Samantha S.
Web Designer

"I chose you because you create added value over the price offered by other hosting companies. it's been a great experience for me. I'm leaving happy. Thank you."

Arif Billah

"I purchased the prohost Webhosting deal earlier this year, I was really amazed at the speed of the NVMe SSD's, the excellent customer support, and ease of use."

Abdullah Al Maruf
Bussiness Owner

Need more power?

Dedicated Server

Powerful & Scalable Server with Complete Root Access

Email Hosting

Manage mail services in the name of your business of choice

Cloud VPS

Use more resources at your request with exceptional services